Open Standard Platform

QUANTUM is a universal service platform that is interoperable on any access network
device based on open standard platforms OpenWrt and RDK-B.

QUANTUM Benefits to Operators

  • New Revenue Stream with Compelling Services

  • Reduce Capex / Opex with Longer Lifecycle of CPE

  • Lower Dependency on Hardware & Vendor

  • Fast Time-to-Market due to Modular Approach

QUANTUM Makes The Difference

  • Open/Standard based

    Quantum implements services based on open standards from prpl, BBF, and Wi-Fi alliance.

  • Security

    Quantum provides the trusted open platform with the enhanced security from HW to SW and services.

  • All access technologies

    Quantum is the universal platform across the all access technologies including FTTH, DSL, and Cable.


“On Hand Service Extension Available On QUANTUM Platform”


QUANTUM is an open platform for any services.
To deliver innovation with our services,
QUANTUM is collaborating with diverse technology leaders.

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