Ethical Management

Declaration of Human Rights Management

We fulfill our social responsibilities by actively practicing human rights management. We value and consider human dignity in all of our management activities, and we strive to pursue sustainable development with our stakeholders.
To this end, we define our responsibilities to respect the human rights of customers, members, business partners, and communities, and announce the Human Rights Management Declaration as the basis for any actions and value judgments that all employees shall abide by.

KAON BROADBAND, Declaration of Human Rights Management
  1. One,

    we respect international standards and norms on human rights, including the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

  2. One,

    we prevent human rights violations in advance and strive for active relief from human rights violations.

  3. One,

    we not discriminate against any stakeholders, including our own officers and employees, based on race, religion, physical impediment, gender, birthplace, age or political opinion.

  4. One,

    we guarantee the freedom of our employees to organize and engage in collective bargaining.

  5. One,

    we not allow any form of forced or child labor.

  6. One,

    we treat our suppliers fairly and support and cooperate with them in practicing human rights management.

  7. One,

    we improve industrial safety and health by creating a safe and sanitary working environment.

  8. One,

    we respect the human rights of local residents and pursue win-win development with them

  9. One,

    we comply with environmental laws and regulations at home and abroad, and endeavor to protect the environment and prevent pollution.

  10. One,

    we respect the privacy of our customers and protect their human rights from infringement.