Remote Management Solution

Device Monitoring & Management

  • Operational

  • Field Care

  • Business Intelligence

KRMS is a simplified platform for connected home devices with CPE WAN Management Protocol (CWMP) agent, TR-069. KRMS implements the full suite of TR-069, TR-181, TR135, and vendor specific parameters, enabling dynamic and unique features to optimize each operator’s service environment.

KRMS Service

  • Operational Services

  • Field Care Services

  • BI Services

KRMS delivers the efficient operational services for operators.

  • Provisioning
  • Inventory Management
  • Firmware and Application Updates
  • Batch Operation
  • Subscriber Management

Based on KRMS data collection, service providers are able to offer proactive services to customers.

  • Device Control
  • Service Status Check & Monitoring
  • Network Setting & Diagnostics
  • Predictive / Proactive Alerts

KRMS provides business intelligence service to service providers so that they can analyze the data and improve the services.

  • Pre-defined report generator
  • Customized reports to align with unique operator services

KRMS Features

KRMS provides comprehensive device management capabilities from data collection,
provisioning, and remote diagnosis and control.

Tailor Your Services with KRMS Package

KAON provides KRMS solution together with hardware, middleware, and mobile application. This end-to-end solution package brings optimization of time and costs and customized solutions for services.

Let’s tailor your service with KRMS package.

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