How to apply

How to apply

  • 01

    Download the company’s resume
    form by clicking the button
    at the bottom.

  • 02

    When filling in the resume form, write down your
    work experience if you are applying for a position
    as an experienced employee, and your self-introduction
    if you are applying for a new entry level position.

  • 03

    Once you have completed your resume,
    submit it online to

Resume Download

Hiring Process

The hiring process may change as needed.

If you have any questions, please contact the HR team

Job Description

  • Overseas Sales

    Based on initiative and challenge spirit,
    sales management, business development,
    and sales strategy to overseas clients are
    established and manage sales to the customers
    and partners.

  • S/W

    Using DOCSIS, PON, Ethernet and 5G
    underlying internet communications,
    S/W Center responds to clients' requirements
    analysis, development and commercialization
    for S/W development of devices that provide
    Internet, multimedia and VoIP services by wiring
    or Wi-Fi to the building and home communication devices.

  • H/W

    H/W Center is responsible for developing
    electrical/electronic circuit systems in
    the products and aims to develop the technology
    and secure the performance of the product.
    H/W Center is divided into System Team which
    develops the baseband sector and RF Team which
    develops the Wifi RF Sector, which each sector
    performs independently.


  • What is the criteria for document screening?
    In the case of hiring fresh candidates, we select those who fit our image of a qualified employee by reviewing their major and self-introduction. In the case of experienced candidates, the applicants are selected by reviewing their career and skill and whether they fit with our corporate culture.
  • How is the personality test conducted?
    According to our guide, those who have passed the document screening can apply for the test at a convenient time during the test period on our personality test site.
  • How is the working-level interview conducted?
    It will be conducted as one-to-many and take around 30 minutes. The relevant team leader and HR team attend the interview as interviewers.
  • How is the executive-level interview conducted?
    Those who passed the working-level interview have another interview with executives in the form of one to many. The relevant executives and HR executives attend the interview as interviewers.
  • How long does it take to be notified after each interview?
    After the interview, it will take 3 to 5 working days to notify.
  • I would like to know the frequency of oversease business trip.
    KaonBroadband, as a global company, targets buyers from all over the world. Sales, R&D, and manufacturing departments are given many opportunities to travel abroad depending on the progress of the business.
  • Is it impossible to apply if I do not have a foreign language certificate?
    Sales positions must have foreign language skills that enable fluent communication due to the nature of their work. Other positions except the sales positions can be applied if it is a basic level of communication.
  • What are the welfare benefits other than remuneration?
    In addition to statutory welfare benefits such as four major insurances and annual leave, we provide a variety of benefits such as lunch, welfare points, dormitory, loan system, children's education fee support, condominium support and health checkup, etc.
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