Smart Wi-Fi Mesh


  • Whole Home Coverage

    Multiple W-Fi nodes work together to create one large seamless Wi-Fi network

  • One Wi-Fi Network

    Stay connected to the same network name and password as your router, without having to switch your devices between networks or fighting with clunky extenders

  • Access Point / Node Steering

    Eliminate Wi-Fi disconnects and dead spots within a house

  • Band Steering and Load Balancing

    Make sure that client devices are connected to the fastest Wi-Fi possible

On Any Platform, Any Device

KAON Smart Wi-Fi Mesh works on any platform and any device. Not only AP routers and beacons, but also residential gateways can create a single mesh network with the same beacons. With KAON Smart Wi-Fi Mesh products and solutions, service providers will be able to reduce cost by offering gateway and beacons in compelling bundles according to their service type and consumer demands.

Smart Connect and Monitoring

KAON Smart Wi-Fi Mesh seamless home networking with simple monitoring and configuration through mobile app and KRMS (KAON Remote Management Solution). Smart Connect enables all gateways and beacons to connect each other with minimal configuration steps, and KRMS and mobile app offers monitoring and management tools for device connectivity and mesh network status.

Easy Installation, Simple Use

  • Easy Setup

    Simply download the KAON Smart Wi-Fi app to set up a product in just a few minutes

  • Guest Access

    Easily create and manage separate internet access for guests

  • Mesh Network Map

    Monitor the mesh nodes configuration, network status, and wireless client devices connected to each node

  • Parental Controls

    Create Internet schedule and block specific sites for children

  • Wi-Fi Settings

    Check the connection status, manage Wi-Fi settings, and find the best Wi-Fi Channels