Ethical Management

Green Management

Environmental Process

KAON BROADBAND has become equipped with a solid strategic green management process through an accurate understanding and analysis of environmental regulations, risk analysis to carry out the regulations, and the establishment of appropriate strategies that recognize the capacities of KAON BROADBAND.

KAON BROADBAND is operating strategies, management and
green portal system processes.
KAON BROADBAND has constructed a systematic process
to practice green management in its efforts to
produce more visible achievements.

  • Strategic Process

    The procedures for establishing the strategies for green management of KAON Broadband are not based simply on status analysis, but work to identify the current situation and build a consensus between the supplier and the producer thorough analysis. Accordingly, the following strategy establishment processes were set for strategic planning frameworks for green management.

    Relevant environmental regulation issues of the countries with which KAON BROADBAND is doing business are identified and analyzed to reach a sufficient understanding. By analyzing the risk factors discovered in this way, we recognize and strengthen our internal capacities to come up with strategies. The strategic process is a very important process for determining the overall flow of green management. The process is repeated to search for a regular plan.

  • Management Process

    The management range for KAON BROADBAND’s green management reflects global business, starting before the supply of raw materials and continuing until after they are handed over to the customer. Environmental regulation data related to the raw materials are requested from the supplier and the data are thoroughly analyzed to carry out advanced verification before inserting for production. Environmental regulation data on raw materials is applied in thorough inspection and approval procedures by the environment task force team based on the restriction list and accurate data.

    Only raw materials that have received approval are put into the production process. After production, products are inspected based on our strict regulations for the environment. Products handed over to customers bear environment-related certification marks, a symbol of our efforts to provide highly reliable products to customers.

  • Green Portal System Process

    KAON BROADBAND is operating an environmental portal system (KAON BROADBAND Green Portal System - KGP system) for the systematic management of environmental information and actions against regulations ( The KGP system is constructed to respond to various laws and regulations as well as the environmental requirements of the EU’s RoHS and REACH regulations. This is a highly reliable system developed through a vendor specializing in environmental systems that can react in any situation to cope with diverse and strict environmental regulations.